Travel to India to See The Taj Mahal

When I went to visit India’s Taj Mahal the first time, I experienced massive crowds making it difficult to enjoy my time there. Recently, I went again, but this time I employed a different strategy. 
Get There Early 
The ticket booth at the Taj Mahal opens at 6 AM, but you want to get there about 45 minutes earlier. The best time to visit is between November and February when it probably will not rain and temperatures will remain cooler. While you will probably not be the first in line, you will be close. Speed up the process by having the exact change for your ticket. As of 2020, that is 1,100 rupees if you do not live in India. There is an added advantage of going as the sun rises because the light makes the building look magical. You will also beat the heat later in the day. Arriving before the crowds also gives you the advantage of seeing more because your ticket is only good for three hours. You may also want to plan your trip around the full moon as the temple is open two nights before and after the full moon along with the night of the full moon.  
Enter Through the West Gate  
There are three gates to the Taj Mahal. You will want to use the west gate. While it is a little further from many hotels, it is also less crowded so that you can get in faster. The east gate also opens early, but the waiting lines are usually longer. The south gate does not open until 8 AM, and it is near vendors who can be pushy.  
Plan Ahead 
You will be put in lines at the Taj Mahal based on your sex. If you are traveling with someone of the opposite sex, make sure that you agree on a meeting place inside the gates. Traditionally, the lines for men move faster than the lines for women.  
Visiting the Taj Mahal is a marvelous experience that many find incredibly spiritual. Follow these tips to make the most of your time there.