Travel to India to See The Ellora Caves

Ellora Caves is a sacred place found in Maharastra in Central India. It is a World Heritage Site, and it is celebrated for its Hindu, Buddhist, Jain temples, and monument carvings. Here are incredible tips to keep on mind while visiting Ellora Caves 
Location of the Ellora Caves.  
The Caves are located in Northern Maharastra, 400km from Mumbai. 
Opening hours for the Ellora Caves is all day long, from sunrise to sunset. Typically from9:00 am to 9:00 pm. Be sure to get there before 9:00 am as this place receives innumerable visitors daily. Besides, Ellora Caves all days along the week except Tuesdays. The best month to visit the caves is between March and June as the climates are favorable. 
Entry fee  
For the locals, it is 40 Rs and 600 Rs for foreigners. 
What to Bring 
Wear comfortable shoes since there is considerable walking when exploring the caves, bring shades and hats to protect you from heat. Don’t forget to carry several bottles of water, a camera, and a flashlight to use in dark places. 
Due to the amount of artistry and architecture available for viewing, Ellora Caves is a destination everyone ought to visit. Therefore, it is best when you set aside enough time to explore the caves and appreciate all it has for you. Come today with your loved ones for a remarkable exploration.