Travel to India to See Amer/Amber Fort

If you are planning on visiting Amber Fort and Amer, then following some tips will help you maximize your time there. 
Use a Hired Car 
When visiting Amber Fort, go ahead and rent a car with a driver. The public buses in this area are dirty and very crowded. There are very few parking spaces available, and someone needs to design a better road system. Go ahead and rent a car with a driver for the day so that you can enjoy your time in Amer. 
Take the Jeep 
When you arrive at Amber Fort, you will see that it is located on the top of a steep hill. You have three choices on how to get up the hill. You can choose to walk, but that can be hard as temperatures are often hot. You can also choose to ride the elephants, but that is very expensive. Instead, choose to take the jeep, which brings people up the hill once an hour. 
Best Time to Visit  
Escape the summertime crowds and the brutal heat by touring Amber Fort between November and March. Try to go during the week and not on a public holiday. This is one attraction where going later in the day pays vast dividends because you can tour the fort, watch the nightly sound and light show, and have dinner at the restaurant inside the fort. 
You can expect to pay 100 rupees to get into the fort. The sound and light show will cost you 295 rupees. Dinner at the 1135 AD restaurant within the fort can be expensive, but it is worth the splurge. 
Visiting Amer Flor is a memorable experience. You can expect to spend an hour touring the fort, 90 minutes at the sound and light show, and a couple of hours dining at the restaurant. Speed up the process by going during the week and taking the jeep up the hill when you arrive.