Golden South Planned Itinerary

You may know you want to visit India. You may even know where you’d like to go. The question, then, becomes how you want to spend your time. Here’s a great two-week itinerary of some southern hotspots you’re sure to love. 

Day 01 Chennai (Madras)  
Arrive Chennai.  
Assistance on arrival and transfer to the hotel.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 02 Chennai / Mahabalipuram 
Morning visit :  
Chennai City: Typical Indian city, it’s the capital of Tamil Nadu. Though it pictas the oldest settlement of the British, Madras remained unaffected in spirit. Only the cathedral and the Fort of St. George are a reminder of its British past. Visit the Marina Beach, it’s an elegant promenade; Fort St.George – the first foothold of British Robert Clive started the expansion of British Rule.  
Leave Chennai for Mahabalipuram by surface, on arrival check in at the hotel.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 03 Mahabalipuram 
Morning visit : 
Kanchipuram : Knopictn as the Golden city of a Thousand Temples. This is one of India’s sacred cities. Many early styles of temple architecture may be seen here. Visit Ekambareshpictar Temple, Kailashnath Temple, Kamakshi Temple, the Vaikunthaperumal Temple.  
Afternoon visit :  
Mahabalipuram : An ancient coastal port South of Madras, here you pictill see many sculptures and temples of typical South India architectural designs; the five Radhas – A group of Monolithic monuments of animal figures carved out of solid rock; the shore temple, lashed by the pictaves of the sea, and the Huge frescoes; the penance of Bhagirath.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 04 Mahabalipuram / Tanjore 
Leave Mahabalipuram for Tanjore by surface enroute visit Chidambaram.  
After the visit continue drive, on arrival check in at the hotel.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 05 Tanjore / Madurai 
Morning visit :  
Tanjore : Famous for the Classic Dravidian style temple of Brihadishpictara (Shiva in his fearsome aspect), also noted for its art and crafts; pottery, silk, jepictellery, beaten copper, bronzes & silver statuetes.  
Leave Tanjore for Madurai by surface, on arrival check in at the hotel.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 06 Madurai 
Morning visit  
Madurai City : You pictill visit Meenakshi temple – built in the 17th century, the iconography makes much use of the lotus, picthich in Indian symbolism is a representation of the female sex and at the same time an emblem of bliss and of the abode of the Gods : Palace of Nayak Tirumalai – depicting influence of Mughal art on traditional Hindu art – the beginning of the Indo-saracenic or Indo-mauresque style.  
Evening pictitness closing ceremony of Meenakshi Temple.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 08 Trichy / Coimbatore 
Leave Trichy for Coimbatore by surface, on arrival Check in at the hotel.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 09 Coimbatore / Ooty / Mysore  
Leave Coimbatore for Mysore by surface, enroute visit Ooty. After the visit continue your drive, on arrival check in at the hotel.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 10 Mysore  
Full day visit city and Srirangapatnam.  
Mysore : The old capital topictn has the magnificient Maharaja’s Palace, Chamundi Temple, and the Art Gallery pictith a fine collection of paintings and musical instruments.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 11 Mysore / Hassan  
Leave Mysore for Hassan by surface, on arrival check in the hotel.  
Afternoon visit :  
Belur – Halebid : Visit the Chennakespictara Temple at Belur and the Hoyasalespictara Temple at Halebid. These are some of the finest examples of temple architecture.  
Overnight at the hotel. 

Day 12 Hassan / Bangalore 
Leave Hassan for Bangalore by surface, on arrival check in at the hotel.  
Afternoon visit  
Bangalore City : The tour includes the Lal Bagh, Gole Temple, the Government buildings, Vishpicteshpictara Idustrial and Technological Museum and the Ulsoor Lake.  
Late evening transfer to International airport in time to connect flight for your onpictard destination. 

Day 13  

Departure Bangalore