Travel to India to See The Holy City of Varanasi

India is a culturally diverse land of enchantment and spirituality with a lot of mysterious and unique places to visit. One of them is Varanasi – a cultural capital of the country and one of the most unique and fascinating destinations on the planet. Only in this city full of contrasts you can become shocked, impressed and fascinated at the same time. However, before visiting Varanasi, you should be well prepared and understand certain nuances of this holy city.  
The best and most comfortable time for visiting Varanasi is winter (from November to February) when the temperature is low and humidity is not too high.  
When traveling to Varanasi, try not to miss its famous spiritual and cultural festivals and celebrations. One of them is Mahashivratri (in February or March depending on the lunar calendar) – a religious festival worshipping Lord Shiva. During the festival, you can enjoy dancing performances, fairs, and temple rituals. Another event you should definitely see and experience while traveling to Varanasi is Holi. It is the most colorful Indian festival held in March. People throw water and color powders on each other by celebrating the victory of good over evil.  
Your visit to Varanasi will be incomplete if you do not visit some of the city’s famous attractions. They are ancient temples, River Ganges (the Holiest Hindu river), the sleepy village of Singhpur, and Ramnagar Port on the eastern bank of River Ganges.  
As for the money, one day in Varanasi will cost you approximately $17. This includes about $3-4 a day spent on food, between $1 and $1.5 on local transportation, and $13-14 on housing. So, a one-week trip to Varanasi will cost you about $240.