Travel to India to See The Gateway of India

The Gateway of India remains one of the most popular attractions in the country and is situated in the southern region of Mumbai. Construction on the massive and intricate structure began in 1920 and was completed four years later. Yellow basalt was used to create the gateway, which is designed in Indo-Saracenic style with Gujarati features that include complex latticework. The Mumbai harbor and the famous Taj Mahal hotel are nearby.  
The arch is rectangular and contains three distinct sections. The center of the structure rises 85 feet into the air. The top boasts a dome that is 48 feet in diameter. The dome has four turrets adorned with latticework. On either side are expansive halls covered by intricately carved stone. The interior of each is large enough to hold 600 guests. Behind the arch are steps that venture down to the Arabian Sea.  
When to Visit  
Making the journey to India after September spares guests from the monsoon season. Venture to the site in the early morning hours or after sunset to see the structure illuminated. The entrance to the gateway is free. However, visitors are advised to bring cash in the event they decide to make purchases from local vendors who frequent the gateway.  
Additional Attractions  
As the gateway is situated along the harbor, guests often take boat trips to see the city from the waterfront. Local boats also venture for six miles to the Elephanta Caves, which involve a series of temples constructed in the caves to honor the Hindu God Shiva. The caves are open to the public daily from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Entrance fees for visitors is 250 rupees. One can easily spend up to five hours touring the site. 

Travel to India to See Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary

I recently returned from my trip to the 485 square mile Periyar National Park. While I had a wonderful time, there are some things I would do differently next time. To save you the hassle of having to visit this national park that costs 300 rupees to enter for foreign visitors, here are some of those things. 
Expect to Pay Extra 
Make sure to bring extra rupees with you. You will need to pay 100 more rupees for every still camera and 250 rupees for every video camera that you bring. You will also have to pay 50 rupees to bring a vehicle in. Each activity has its fees attached.  
Best Time to Go 
While October to February are popular times to visit this park, if you want to see elephants, then go in March or April. The elephants will be in the water, which makes them much easier to spot. Try to plan your trip on a weekday that is not a public holiday to avoid crowds.  
Take the Early Boat 
The best way to see the animals at Periyar National Park is from a boat. These 90-minute rides leave throughout the day, but the best chance to see the most animals is on the 7 AM trip. You may also want to opt for a night-time safari as many animals are more active at night.  
Go Trekking 
You will also want to go trekking while you are at Periyar National Park, but avoid the whole-day excursions. Instead, look for opportunities to go with local tour guides on trekking trips lasting about three hours. First, the whole-day trips are filled with too many people to make them worthwhile. Secondly, the local guides are former poachers and loggers who are now doing eco-tourism to make their living. 
Visiting Periyar National Park is a wonderful adventure. Follow these tips to make the most of your time in the park. 

Travel to India to See Amer/Amber Fort

If you are planning on visiting Amber Fort and Amer, then following some tips will help you maximize your time there. 
Use a Hired Car 
When visiting Amber Fort, go ahead and rent a car with a driver. The public buses in this area are dirty and very crowded. There are very few parking spaces available, and someone needs to design a better road system. Go ahead and rent a car with a driver for the day so that you can enjoy your time in Amer. 
Take the Jeep 
When you arrive at Amber Fort, you will see that it is located on the top of a steep hill. You have three choices on how to get up the hill. You can choose to walk, but that can be hard as temperatures are often hot. You can also choose to ride the elephants, but that is very expensive. Instead, choose to take the jeep, which brings people up the hill once an hour. 
Best Time to Visit  
Escape the summertime crowds and the brutal heat by touring Amber Fort between November and March. Try to go during the week and not on a public holiday. This is one attraction where going later in the day pays vast dividends because you can tour the fort, watch the nightly sound and light show, and have dinner at the restaurant inside the fort. 
You can expect to pay 100 rupees to get into the fort. The sound and light show will cost you 295 rupees. Dinner at the 1135 AD restaurant within the fort can be expensive, but it is worth the splurge. 
Visiting Amer Flor is a memorable experience. You can expect to spend an hour touring the fort, 90 minutes at the sound and light show, and a couple of hours dining at the restaurant. Speed up the process by going during the week and taking the jeep up the hill when you arrive.